Wednesday, 21 May 2008


This blog documents the Curatorial Development Trip from North West England to Berlin attended by 11 curators. It has been initiated and organised in an independent capacity by Clarissa Corfe, Programme Manager at Castlefield Gallery in association with artist and co curator of Apartment, Hilary Jack The original motivation for the trip was the 5th Berlin Biennial When Things Cast No Shadow curated by Adam Szymczyk and Elena Filipovic. As with the previous trip to the 10th Istanbul Biennial, Clarissa Corfe has put together an exciting itinerary with visits to the Berlin Biennial exhibitions as well as meetings with a wide variety of curators and artists based in the city. The trip is aimed at increasing our knowledge and networks with other curators who are also near the beginning of their careers with the potential for future partnership, exchange and sharing of curatorial expertise within an international context. The information gained from our trip to Berlin will be fed back into the region through the use of this collective daily blog. Curators participating in the trip will be James Alderson, Vanessa Bartlett, Rebecca Chesney, Clarissa Corfe, Karen Gaskill, Paul Harfleet, Tomas Harold, Hilary Jack, Harriet Mitchell, Sumit Sarkar and Penny Whitehead.

With thanks to Ceri Hand, Pavel Buchler, Alnoor Mitha and Lesley Young for their curatorial nominations.

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